If You've Been Struggling with Pain or an Injury, it's Time to Try Physical Therapy

Man receiving physical therapy services while laying on a table stretching his right leg.

If you’ve been struggling with pain or an injury, it’s time to start your journey toward healing with Absolute Integrated Health. Our physical therapy treatments are fully customized to your needs, focusing on reducing pain and inflammation while improving your functional abilities.

Our team is here to help you start your journey to healing today, and we’re committed to seeing you get better. So don’t let pain keep you down – let us help you reach your goals and feel great again.

Fast Facts About Physical Therapy

Only 9.58%
People Helped

Only 11.7 million adults used outpatient physical therapy services.

41 %

41% of patients seeking a drug-free pain relief option found physical therapy most effective.

Successful Pain Relief Treatment

Hey there! Have you heard of physical therapy? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a fantastic way to improve your physical health without surgery or other invasive procedures. Physical therapists are trained professionals who assess your unique physical needs and guide you through therapy tailored to your specific issues. By addressing the root of your problem and finding ways to alleviate it, physical therapy can help you recover quickly and efficiently.

Practitioner helping a patient during an physical therapy evaluation.

Why Choose Absolute Integrated Health?

At Absolute Integrated Health, we understand that pain can be a nuisance and can prevent you from fully enjoying life. That’s why we have licensed physical therapists who can help you treat various conditions. From chronic pain to sports injuries, we’ve got you covered.

During your first appointment, our team will conduct a thorough analysis to assess your mobility and range of motion. This will help us identify the source of your pain so we can develop an effective treatment plan and help you reach optimal results.

Commonly Asked Questions About Physical Therapy

Our doctors will review your medical records on your first visit and examine your injury. Then, we’ll start by assessing your current strength, range of motion, and mobility to develop a treatment strategy just for you. In many cases, patients can expect to receive treatments at the first visit and the creation of an essential home exercise routine.

Each injury is different, as is each individual’s medical history. Physical therapy may last one or several months for patients to regain function and safely return to their previous activities. Depending on the extent of the injury, a patient can expect to be seen in the clinic one to three times per week. Additionally, the patient will need to follow a personalized home exercise program. At Absolute Integrated Health, our experts will customize a recovery plan to meet your specific needs.

All your sessions at Absolute Integrated Health will be in-person, with a dedicated therapist focusing solely on you. Each of your treatment sessions will be led by a professional with extensive experience with movement disorders and impairments. To help you feel like yourself, we personalize our care to your needs and treat you with dignity and compassion.

Ready to take control of your recovery and live your best life? Contact Absolute Integrated Health today for a free consultation!