Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

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The Endless Search for The "Easy Fix" for your Neuropathy Pain

If you find yourself searching the internet for “special cures” or “easy fixes” for your Neuropathy pain, you might find yourself discouraged. You are not alone.

Hundreds of our patients suffered from daily neuropathy pain. And after trying dozens of self proclaimed “solutions,” they came in to our clinic to get the treatment they deserved.

We’ve helped hundreds relieve their neuropathy pain. Without prescriptions drugs & without surgery.

If you are looking for a viable solution to your pain and are ready to get back to life, then claim one of our free neuropathy consultations. Our consultations will help you learn more about your neuropathy and how our advanced treatments can actually relieve your pain.

Non-Surgical and Non-Narcotic Treatment For Your Peripheral Neuropathy Pain.

Note: We Do Not Prescribe Medication At Any Of Our Locations

Peripheral Neuropathy affects millions of people and usually occurs in the extremities. If you are looking for relief from numbness, burning, pinching, shooting, electric, “pins and needles” or any other discomfort, our experts in Neuropathy are ready to help. We have the newest treatments available and have helped hundreds of people get lasting relief from their Neuropathy Pain.

-Burning, numbness, jabbing, sharp pain, pins & needles, tingling, sensitive touch, nerve pain and other discomfort.

-Peripheral, Diabetic,  Mononeuropathy, Polyneuropathy, & Other Nerve Pain.

 Some common causes:


Several rare inherited diseases


Poor nutrition or vitamin deficiency

Certain kinds of cancer and chemotherapy used to treat them

Conditions where nerves are mistakenly attacked by the body’s own immune system or damaged by an overaggressive response to injury

Certain medications

 Kidney or thyroid disease

Infections such as Lyme disease, shingles, or AIDS

Peripheral Neuropathy Relief

Some Neuropathy pain can vary and is common in arms, hands, feet & legs. 

Neuropathy can be a cause of many things. Most common causes are related to diabetic, alcoholism, problems related to spine, cancer treatments and other causes.

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Neuropathy Treatments

We have several non-surgical and minimally invasive pain management treatments that have a great track record with neuropathy pain similar to yours.

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We believe in using integrative healing practices to get you better. That means no expensive surgery and no prescribing medication. Our combination of practices allows us to customize you accurate healing process .

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