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For many people, pain management may seem like an unnecessary medical specialty. However, for patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions that impact their ability to work or spend time with loved ones, finding compassionate pain management specialists can be a daunting, but necessary task. At Absolute Integrated Health Center in Plainfield, IL, we provide comprehensive treatment and support for patients with chronic and acute pain.

What can a pain management clinic do for me?

A pain management clinic is your best option when you are seeking effective solutions for your worst pain symptoms. Pain management clinics are designed to provide you with an all-inclusive approach to treatment by bringing together a team of doctors and specialists in one unique location. The providers at Absolute Integrated Health Center offer interdisciplinary solutions that can be combined into a single, powerful treatment plan designed to specifically address your individual needs. By offering complimentary initial pain assessments on a walk-in basis, we strive to make it easier than ever for every patient to access the high-quality pain management treatments and support they need to effectively address their condition and improve their life. Even if you have previously seen your primary care doctor about your pain, a dedicated pain management clinic can offer a broader range of therapeutic services. Our experienced pain doctors offer patients a deeper understanding of their condition and can help them fully comprehend all of their potential treatment options. 

What can I expect at a pain management clinic?

When you choose Absolute Integrated Health Center as your pain management provider, you can expect comprehensive support and integrated solutions for your pain condition. You will first undergo an initial assessment during which one of our experienced and compassionate pain management specialists will perform an in-depth examination of your body and health history in order to gain important insight into the way your body functions and what is causing your pain symptoms. Once you have received an exact diagnosis, we will help you understand your treatment options and develop a customized plan to help you reduce and eliminate your pain. Your treatment plan will vary depending on your needs and may include multiple non-invasive techniques designed to work in tandem. We are proud to offer trigger point and epidural injections, physical therapy techniques, and chiropractic care & many other minimally invasive & non-surgical treatments. Our goal is to help each of our patients, regardless of the type of condition they are suffering from, because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to live their life free from debilitating pain symptoms. 

Do you need a referral for pain management?

Whether you will require a referral for your pain management will depend on your specific insurance plan. However, for the majority of patients, no referral is required in order for you to speak with a pain management specialist. Additionally, we are proud to accept health plans from most major health insurance providers to help lower your out-of-pocket costs. We currently work with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Caterpillar, Cigna, GeoBlue, United Health Care, and others. We also accept Medicare plans. Because a referral is usually not required for pain management services, you have the freedom to choose the pain management clinic that is dedicated to providing everything you need. Our walk-in availability offers unsurpassed convenience, while our compassionate doctors and nurses help our patients achieve incredible treatment outcomes, so they can return to living their life without being restricted by their pain.

If you live in or near Plainfield, IL and are looking for a convenient pain management clinic that can provide the important treatments you need, contact Absolute Integrated Health Center today. We offer convenient walk in access from 9AM-12PM Monday-Friday and 3PM-6:30PM Monday-Thursday at our welcoming clinic located at 16310 S Lincoln Highway, #124. 

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