See how this New Diabetes Program can help your diabetes, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, blood sugar, neuropathy, and more

Get back to life with this revolutionary program. Right here in Plainfield

If you've been searching for a new way to help your symptoms, we have a brand new diabetes program that can help if you:

  • Have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes
  • Are Pre-diabetic
  • Have Insulin Resistance or Struggle with Blood Sugar
  • Struggle with weight or obesity
  • Are Taking Medications 
  • Are Taking insulin
  • Have a Metabolic disorder
  • Have Neuropathy Pain
  • Have Fatigue or Low Energy
  • Have Blurred Vision
  • Slow Healing Wounds
  • And More

All of these symptoms can disrupt or ruin your life. What’s worse, your symptoms can progressively get worse. All leading to more problems.

 For example:  Blindness, dialysis and even amputation of limbs are possible down the line.


The Good News is our new diabetes program is finally available to the Plainfield Area. We are the only facility in the Midwest to offer this program to you.

Our patients in this Program have:

  • Alleviated their Neuropathy & Leg Pain.
  • Increased their energy levels
  • Gotten better sleep
  • Lowered their blood sugar
  • Lowered their blood pressure
  • Lower their need for medication
  • Their wounds healed faster
  • Boosted their hair and nail growth
  • And More

What is this program? Introducing: InSolutions - A Better way to get your body to work with insulin

*Must Read*.

As you know, Insulin is naturally produced in your body. Insulin helps your cells absorb sugar. In turn, it creates the energy needed for you body to function. 

However, if your body can’t use insulin properly, your cells can’t absorb energy. As a result your body starts to break down. And, you get diabetic symptoms.

The most common solution has been insulin injections or prescription medications. But these only cover up the true problem.

But What if you could use Insulin as a Hormone, and not as a Drug? Finally getting your body to start absorbing energy & opening the door for healing.

The best part is this program is FDA Cleared and Covered by Most Major Insurance Carriers.

Inside Our Plainfield clinic

Where our diabetes program takes place. We conveniently located near the Louis Joliet Mall, Right off the I-55 Exit on Route 30

People In The Program

Patients on our comfy chairs in the Diabetes Program


The Good News is You Can Use This Program Even If...

  • You Do Not Take Insulin
  • You already take Insulin 
  • You Are Taking Medications
  • You Have Minor Symptoms or Major Symptoms
  • Already Seeing a Doctor For Your Issue
And You Can Complete This Program Without:
  • Resorting to Extreme Treatments
  • Taking More Medication
  • Without Using “Special Remedies” That Don’t Work
  • Without Traveling to Multiple Places for Treatment

The End Result Has Shown To:


Eliminate or Significantly Improve Neuropathy


Improve at least one Diabetic Complication


Reduce reported levels during HbA1c Tests


Reduce the need for at least one medication 

Based off InSolution Data. Individual results may vary

Testimonials. How People Benefited From This New Diabetes Program

“i have so much more energy! I Haven’t seen my podiatrist in several months because I feel so well. I have lost 71 lbs”

“The most important benefit is that I an alive here today. These treatments have given me a 2nd life!”

Who Are We? Friendly Staff & Specialist That Have helped Hundreds Get Relief

Diabetic Health and Wellness Specialists have helped hundreds in The Plainfield Area get relief.

Our Awesome Staff

Experts in Care

Located near the Louis Joliet Mall

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Reviews from our Integrated Clinic

“From the initial assessment to treatment plan to treatment, every aspect has been thorough and immensely helpful. My son is healing and can tell a substantial difference, even within the first two weeks of treatment. ..” – Dawn

What you'll get when you request a free consultation:

✅ You’ll visit our Plainfield facility
✅. Meet with one of our Specialists
✅. Get a full evaluation
✅. Learn about this revolutionary diabetes program
✅ Ask any questions
✅ You’ll get a customized treatment plan
✅ Walk out knowing all your options for relief

How to get your free consult & discover how to get relief:

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