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"Great staff, very knowledgeable. I know where I need to go when I'm hurting to feel better, and that's Absolute Integrated Health. From the desk staff to allergy testing and injections, to the soft tissue technicians, to the nurse practitioner for pain management, and finally the chiropractors who do a fantastic job of keeping me moving and able to work."
John Doe
Gina C
"I went here with low back pain and both knees. The services and methods they used works well. I have been pain free of low back pain and my knees are now working great. All without surgery I highly recommend Absolute Integrated Health.
John Doe
Kieron S
"...I starting coming because my friend kept telling me how great they are, so I gave them a try. I LOVE COMING HERE NOW. They’re not only very nice, but they gave me a lot of advice on stretching, diet, and positioning that benefit a long healthy spine health. I may not have needed anything before but my mood is on cloud 9 after my appointments. Highly recommend coming, back pain or not."
John Doe
Aubrey L.
"I seriously love the Plainfield staff they are amazing! I always look forward to going there, everyone is so friendly and the best part is they always make my headaches go away. 10/10"
John Doe
Ally z

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