Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief

Available in Plainfield, Illinois

Our Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief Program

Available to patients in Plainfield, Illinois.

Absolute Integrated Health Center is proud to offer patients suffering from osteoarthritis and bone-on-bone our Proven and Patented Non-Surgical Knee Pain Protocol! This is a state-of-the-art knee pain relief protocol for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, as well as severe osteoarthritis that results in bone-on-bone. Offering documented success rates above 90%, this is a Medicare and insurance-covered pain relief protocol that knee pain suffers can rely on for relief.

We offer Non-surgical & non-invasive knee pain treatments to get you back to life.


Clinical knee pain and osteoarthritis is a condition that millions of Americans currently struggle with daily, and requires more comprehensive treatment plans to achieve the best possible results. While some specialists may tell you that the only true “cure” for osteoarthritis is a total knee replacement, or TKR, know that this is not the case! If your symptoms include significant swelling; redness; tenderness and warmth surrounding the joint; significant pain; and fever, these are all symptoms our specialist can take a look at for you.

We have several methods that can help with knee pain. To find out 

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