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How to Get Neuropathy Relief in Naperville

How to finally get neuropathy relief without medication or surgery. 

Those with discomfort in their hands, feet and legs now have access to alternative treatment options!

Our Neuropathy Experts are ready to help relieve pain – all without the need for surgery or medication.

And because of that, this week we are offering Free Consultations. 👀

Yep! No-Cost Consultations 

Using the newest treatments, we’ve helped our patients get lasting relief from…




-Pins and needles

-Sharp& shooting pains


-Pain while walking

-Trouble sleeping

-And other nerve pain.


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Free Consultations

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Free Consultations

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Our newest facility in Naperville is located at 2764 Aurora Ave Suite 124, Naperville, IL 60540. We also have a location in Plainfield and Romeoville.