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Neck Pain Doctor in Plainfield, IL

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Do You Need a Neck Pain Doctor in Plainfield, IL? You’ll Find One With Us Here at Absolute Integrated Health. We Can Help With General, Acute, or Chronic Neck Pain and Provide Lasting Relief. Call Us Today at (815) 782-8440 to Book an Appointment With Us, or Book Online.

So many Americans are suffering from neck pain, with many cases being debilitating and chronic. If you or someone you love is suffering from this kind of pain, then you’ll be happy to hear that there are lasting solutions that a neck pain doctor can provide. Pain relief is our practice here at Absolute Integrated Health where you’ll be able to find a quality pain management specialist and neck pain doctor in Plainfield, IL.

What doctor should I see for neck pain?

You could start by going to see your primary care physician about serious neck pain, but he or she will likely simply refer you to a specialist, like an orthopedist or a pain doctor. When it comes to acute or chronic neck pain, an orthopedist can often help and provide orthopedic care, but a pain management and neck pain doctor might be able to do more for you. And if you decide to see a pain management doctor for your pain, he or she can refer you to an orthopedist if you need to see one as well, and create a network between your physician and the specialists you’ll be seeing.

With a pain management doctor, you’ll be getting a professional who is trained in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of pain and its underlying causes. This professional can help you with general, acute, or chronic pain and provide a number of services to help mitigate and manage the pain. 

Will chronic neck pain ever go away? How do you treat chronic neck pain?

Chronic pain, by definition, is pain that has been lasting for over 6 weeks. This kind of pain sometimes doesn’t go away, but often it does, occasionally by itself. It usually lasts for an average of 3 to 6 months, but can last for just a few weeks or sometimes, a few years. It really depends on the underlying condition causing the pain and whether the patient receives proper medical treatment. Medical treatment can bring relief much more quickly, or at least mitigate the pain significantly.

Here at Absolute Integrated Health, we do our absolute best to mitigate, manage, and eliminate pain. There are many different solutions for neck pain, specifically, which we’d be happy to tell you more about during a consultation with us here at our clinic. Some of the many services we provide include physical therapy, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, fluoroscopy, epidurals, many other injections, and other services. We can do a great deal to help you with your neck pain, even if your pain is chronic. 

Do you have a neck pain doctor in Plainfield, IL?

We do, yes! Absolute Integrated Health has a fully capable neck pain doctor and pain management specialist who will be able to help you in any number of ways and provide lasting relief. We can help with general, acute, or chronic neck pain, as well as back pain and the accompanying symptoms of neck pain, like headaches or weakness.

Reach out to us today for long-term relief from your pain. Call us at (815) 782-8440 to book a simple consultation with us, or book your appointment online instead. And when you’re ready to come in for your appointment, you’ll find our Plainfield location over at 16310 S Lincoln Hwy #124 Plainfield, IL 60586.

We hope to see you soon and help you with your pain here at Absolute Integrated Health!

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