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Microcurrent Specialist in Plainfield, IL

Do you wish your skin would appear firmer, lifted, and tightened? Then a microcurrent facial is for you! This procedure involves a low-grade electrical current and is non-invasive. Call Us today or request an appointment online.

Microcurrents are low frequency electrical pulses used in therapeutic treatments for many different applications. It is commonly used in treating sports injuries and patients with paralysis. High on its list of uses are facials, as it increases the natural production of skin tightening compounds like collagen and elastin.

What is a microcurrent treatment?

Microcurrent uses low voltage electrical impulses modeled after the body’s electrical currents. It’s been used in physical therapy and for sports injuries for quite a while. In facials, it is called facial toning because it exercises the muscles in your face. In fact, it’s been used for decades to treat Bell’s Palsy (when facial muscles are paralyzed or weak causing one side of the face to droop).

Microcurrent is billed as an anti-aging facial that stimulates the skin, boosts collagen (which gives skin structure) and elastin (which gives skin the ability to stretch and bounce back) production, increases circulation, tightens skin, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Most times a microcurrent facial uses 2 handheld prongs (one positive, the other negative) that send microcurrents of electricity back and forth between them. (Sometimes there are more than 2 prongs.) The electricity travels through your skin and into your muscles below.

How long does a microcurrent facial last?

When we have muscle tone in our face, it is more effective at holding the skin tight where it is needed or relaxed where it is needed. After microcurrent therapy, it’s fairly common to see a little lift! Initial results with microcurrent facials usually last about 72 hours. This is where we like to reiterate that each microcurrent treatment builds upon the last. Cumulative microcurrent treatments ultimately build the strength in your facial muscles which helps them hold results from a microcurrent session longer. This is why microcurrent treatments need to be repeated in a full series. Talk with your esthetician about which series of treatments is recommended for your individual skin type, age, and other variables.

For results that last the longest, microcurrent must be repeated in a full series. We recommend a microcurrent facial every other day for 5-20 minutes per session. For your first 60 days, we recommend doing a treatment 1-3 times a week. After that point, you can move to 1 or 2 facials a month as maintenance sessions. Each treatment re-educates your facial muscles so they grow stronger and hold the lift for longer. While microcurrent is safe to use daily, it is not suggested. Taking at least one day of rest in-between microcurrent treatments ensures you are not overworking the facial muscles, which is better for absorbing the benefits of your facial.

Are microcurrent results permanent?

Microcurrent facials are a fabulous one-time service, and the greatest improvement will be seen with a series. With regular use, microcurrents do impart noticeable results painlessly and without the need to employ needlework. A course of 5 treatments within a 4-8 week period, followed by a 3-month maintenance schedule, is recommended for optimal results. However, results are not permanent and this treatment will require upkeep. It is like a workout for the skin. The more sessions you have closer to your first one, the healthier the skin looks.

Microcurrent is quickly becoming one of the most requested treatments clients look for. It provides safe and effective results and is the most natural and holistic procedure to re-energize the facial muscles. The intended use of microcurrent in aesthetics is to allow the esthetician a powerful and effective tool to aid in the battle of anti-aging.

If you or someone you know wants to revitalize your skin and rejuvenate your appearance, come to Absolute Integrated, where we offer microcurrent facials! Our staff are experienced and professional and can help you get the look you desire! Contact our office today to get in touch with a specialist. To book an appointment, call us or visit us online!

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