Epidural Steroid Injections Treatment in

in Plainfield, Romeoville, and Naperville, Illinois

Epidural Steroid Injections Treatment in Plainfield, IL & Romeoville, IL

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The epidural is the space around the dura mater, which is the outer most membrane surrounding the spinal cord. Epidural mainly refers to an injection, particularly an anesthetic for child birth, although there are other applications, as well. Epidural steroid injections are also used to alleviate low back pain. 

What are epidural injections used for?

Along with physical therapy, medications and surgery, an epidural injection is one of many methods doctors use to relieve pain if a patient is not responding to conservative treatments.

An epidural injection may be administered to relieve pain caused by:

  • A herniated or bulging disk that affects nerves causing pain
  • Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal)
  • Post-operative surgery syndromes (chronic back or leg pain after spinal surgery)
  • Other injuries to vertebrae, spinal nerves and surrounding tissues
  • Bone spurs 

How long do epidural steroid injections last?

As every patient is different, the long-term effect of the medication cannot be predicted. Typically, any immediate effect of relief is from the local anesthetic injected which will wear off in a few hours. The steroid starts working in about two to seven days and its effect can last for up to three months. 

What type of doctor gives epidural injections?

There are several different kinds of doctors that can administer an epidural steroid injection. Spine surgeons commonly give these injections. So do other types of orthopedic surgeons, as well as neurologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, and physiatrists (physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors). 

How do you prepare for an epidural steroid injection?

Prior to coming for the injection, the patient will be given specific instruction from the doctor. In the majority of cases, the patient can eat a small meal several hours prior to the injection. With the exception of any blood thinners or anti-inflammatory medications, the patient can continue their normal medications. When scheduling the injection, please be sure to discuss all medications you are taking with the doctor. There is a possibility you may have to discontinue using certain medications prior to the injection.

After you arrive for your epidural steroid injection, an intravenous line will be placed in one of the veins. To help them relax during the procedure, the patient may be given a medication. To help open up the spaces between the bones in the back, the patient will then be placed on an X-ray machine over a bolster. To verify the proper level for the injection, an X-ray will be obtained. The skin will be sterilized and prepared for the injection and will then be injected with a medication to numb the area.

After the area is fully prepared and has been numbed, the doctor will insert the needle through the skin toward the spine. Often a small amount of dye is used to verify the position of the needle on the X-ray. After the needle has been confirmed to be in the correct position, the mixture of numbing medication and steroid is injected in the epidural space. The needle is then removed and a bandage is placed over the site.

If you or someone you know is experiencing low back pain and other methods of treatment have been unsuccessful, then epidural steroid injections may be the solution you need! At Absolute Integrated, we have certified specialists who have great experience in administering epidural steroid injections, so come down today to find relief! To talk with an expert, contact our office today. Visit us online or give us a call to schedule an appointment at our clinic.

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