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Are You Ready To Live A Higher Quality Life With Your Dog? Discover More About Our Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy Center in Plainfield, Romeoville & Naperville.

Are You Tired of Allergy Symptoms & Want to Live a Higher Quality Life With Your Dog? Discover How Our Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy Treatments in Plainfield, Romeoville & Naperville Can Help Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms.

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Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Do you struggle with allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, or other symptoms from your dog? Or, do you need a test to see if you’re allergic? Right Now, Absolute Integrated Health Center is offering No-Cost Allergy Testing Consultations. Yes, Free Consultations. Why? We’re dedicated to helping the community understand their allergy symptoms. Discover below how we test & treated hundreds of people with similar symptoms to you. Most insurance is accepted for allergy treatment. 

If you are struggling with dog allergies, there are avenues to a better life. And since we believe in an easy & transparent process, we are offering free allergy consultations. Come in and have an allergist walk you through our process – all at No Cost. To get your appointment click “Request Appointment”. You can also scroll down to discover more about our services.
Allergy Symptoms From Pets

Emily suffers from chronic sinusitis. She had painful pressure on the regular, and was constantly stuffy. She had these symptoms for years. Emily was using Flonase 3-4 times a week and a daily allergy medicine before getting tested. She never knew exactly what she was allergic to. She specifically found out she had a sensitivity to dogs and cats! While currently going through inflammation treatment she feels great! Now she does not use Flonase and hasn’t had a sinus infection in the last year.

Emily B


Immunotherapy For Lasting Relief

Tackle the source of your dog allergy. Not just the symptoms. Completed by our allergy experts using comprehensive testing & immunotherapy

We Find The Reason For Your Allergy Symptoms


As well as dog allergies, we can test for over 70 other allergens if needed. Our goal is to pinpoint any cause behind your reactions. This provides you with peace of mind. 

What We Offer

Free Consultation

We find out about your issue, explain our process & answer any questions. All at No-Cost.


We test for dog allergies, along with any others that may be causing trouble.


We provide a customized treatment plan at your convenience.

Our Skin Test, or "Scratch Test"

Once the testing has begun, we can find your allergy in as little as 25 minutes. During, we can test for multiple allergies & pinpoint anything causing a reaction. As a result, we can customize your immunotherapy treatments. 

What Our Immunotherapy Treatments Have Been Shown To Do

  • Target Multiple Allergies All At Once
  • Reduce Allergy Symptoms
  • Decrease The Need For Medications
  • Increase Quality Of Life
  • Target Multiple Allergies All At Once
  • Reduce Allergy Symptoms
  • Decrease The Need For Medications
  • Increase Quality Of Life

 And with locations in Plainfield, Romeoville and Naperville, Absolute Integrated Health Center has been able to provide the surrounding community with quality healthcare for over 10 years.

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Care On Your Side: What Makes Absolute Integrated Health Center So Effective with Allergies?

We take care of all testing in-house. No sending out to 3rd party facilities and waiting days to receive results​. ​

Since we compete your test in-house, we have your test results in minutes. You don’t have to wait days.​

Because of in house testing, we use no preservatives. Some preservative cause false positives. We make sure your results are accurate.​

As a result of in-house testing, we usually have treatments available for you as soon as the next day.​

We have locations in Plainfield, Romeoville and Naperville. We are dedicated to helping you achieve Allergy Relief at your convenience.​

Although every insurance plan is different, testing and treatment is covered by most insurance plans. We can find out more information about your plan during the initial consultation.​

Types Of Allergies We Test For

All The Current Allergens We Test For

Dog, Cats, Horse, Gerbil, Feathers, Cockroach, & Dust mites

 Beef, Eggs, Chicken, Pork, Milk, Fish, Shellfish, Mushroom, Oats, Nutmeg, Wheat, Rice, Peanut, Cinnamon, Sesame, Vanilla, Celery, Garlic, Carrot, Corn, Onion, Potato, Tomato, Cucumber, Pea, Soybean, Hops, Apple, Blueberry, Coconut, Banana, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Oranges, Strawberries, Peach, Watermelon, & Red Raspberry, 

Cladosorium, Helmin Sat, Liusitanicus,

White Ash, Eastern Cottonwood, Hackberry, Hickory,  Red Cedar, American Elm, American Hazelnut, Maple Box Elder, White Mulberry, Eastern Oak, Black Walnut, American Sycamore

Bermuda Grass, Johnson Grass, K.O.R.T. Grass, Hempwater, Lamb’s Quarter, Marsh Elder, Mugwort, Nettle, English Plantain, Ragweed, Sorrel, Cocklebur Strumarium

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