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Spinal Decompression in Plainfield

Do you struggle with any of these symptoms in your back, neck, shoulders or legs?

💥Chronic Pain or Aches

💥 Headaches

💥 Stiffness

💥 Sciatica (shooting pain)

💥 Bulging/herniated discs

💥 Pinched Nerves

💥 Arthritis

💥 Numbness in hands, legs or feet

💥 Or other discomfort

This pain or discomfort can ruin your day, result in canceled plans, cause problem with sleep, and ruin other activities.

The good news is this gentle decompression program can help with a variety of issues.

You're spine is the highway where all your nerves run through. For example, a compressed nerve in your spine can cause pain in your legs, feet or hands.

By using decompression, you can ease the pressure on the spine. As a result it allows the nerves to perform normally.

As an added benefit, decompression increases blood flow. This allows your spine & nerves to get more nutrients. As a result it allows for healing and a healthier spine.

Right now in Plainfield we are offering Free Consultations to see if you qualify for this program ($75 Value).

What you when you come in for your free consultation:

✅. You'll visit our Plainfield Facility

✅ You'll meet with one of our professionals

✅ Get a full evaluation for your issue

✅ Report of findings

✅ You'll get a customized treatment plan

✅ Walk out knowing all your options for relief.

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